Interdisciplinary Computation and Communication Group

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Interdisciplinary Computation and Communication Group

The Interdisciplinary Computation and Communication Group (INCO2-DSIC) is made up of researchers belonging to the Department of Information Systems and Computation (DSIC) of the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia and of researchers belonging to other universities who develop their activity in this Group. Although the background of its members is different and complementary (degrees in Informatics, Physics and Mathematics) the researchers of the Group have a lot of experience in Computational Science. The main aim of the Group is the solution of complex numerical problems, in particular those that can be solved by parallel computers and high performance computing techniques, as well as the modeling and optimization of parallel computing systems.

The research of the Group is organized around a three interrelated guidelines: Computation and High Performance Architectures applied to Numerical Linear Algebra Problems, Heterogeneous Parallel Computing, and High Performance Computing applied to Communications Problems.